2 Guys, 1 Huge Challenge: 365 Days of Sport!

It’s the dream every sports fan around the globe would surely give their right arm for: no matter where it takes place on the planet, we (Beefy and Rob) have planned to be in the crowd of 365 different sporting events, all within the coming 365 days. And not just any sports. From Rio to Reykjavik we will be covering the biggest and best the world of sports has to offer – be they world championships or Olympic Games (we’ll be taking in 3 of those on our trip), as well as the weirdest and most wonderful humanity has to offer in the name of competition.

Over 3 years in the planning (and a lot longer in conversation), the 365 Days of Sport challenge takes us to 48 countries and will cover an excess of 1.3 million km. From each corner of the  globe we’ll be blogging about the sports we’re seeing and the incredible and inspirational sports-people we have the good fortune to meet. Every last detail will be videoed, photographed or sent out via social media so you can be part of the experience as it happens.

At the end of our 365 days we will have the ultimate sporting almanac for sports-lovers everywhere.












Kieren “Beefy” Blake is a former International cricketer with an obscene obsession for all things sport.

Born and raised in Newport, Wales, Beefy’s career took him around the world and he now resides in Melbourne, Australia. Having an insatiable taste for sports since his early childhood, Beefy has attended tens of thousands of sporting events across the world, at some of the most famous stadia on the planet and including Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Cups and World Title fights. So great is his passion for sport that twice he has been crazy enough to fly from Australia to the UK for a mere 24 hours to see his beloved Newport County play at Wembley Stadium!

Beefy isn’t just a sucker for stadium events – he has searched out the weird or wonderful too: Cockroach Racing in Brisbane and Frog Racing in Fiji have both been on Beefy’s past sporting agendas.

365 Days of Sport is a life-long achievement that began it’s journey with Beefy’s “My Life of Sport” blog. So many of his friends, family and followers enjoyed his posts that the mad-cap conversations between mates eventually seemed possible. Throughout their year-long challenge, Beefy will be updating this website and the 365 Days of Sport social media pages with fresh and exciting content as their journey continues.